Okay, so I imagined Badou being curious and telling Haine to ‘compliment him in German’ and Haine, reading a magazine and getting tired of his bullshit, instead calls him a ‘motherfucker’ and gets thanked for it.


"He is trash"

"He only cares about food"

"He has no feelings for Kaneki, he just wants to eat him"image

"How can he kill with a smile on his face? Omg, heartless"

"Why does he look so much like a girl? Gross"

"He’s a psycho, he doesn’t have feelings at all"


"What a cold person"

"She’ve lost a partner and a classmate and she doesn’t cry?"

"Heartless bitch"


"What a baby"

"Damn he’s hot"

"Uwah, he’s hella strong, amazing!"


Don’t be fooled by appearances